Yumeyakata sponsored kimono to AKB48 Group for the coming‐of‐age ceremony

May 11, 2019

January 14, 2019, the day coming-of-age ceremony. We have sponsored AKB48 Group for the 2019 coming-of-age ceremony. There are 48 members who became 20-year-old and they showed the beautiful appearance in furisode.


AKB48:佐伴彩佳(振袖:R248 / 帯:B384)2nd from the top left

AKB48:谷口めぐ(振袖:R500 / 帯:B898)3rd from the bottom right

AKB48:行天優莉菜(振袖:R1674 / 帯:B1406)middle from the top

AKB48:本田そら(振袖:R1376 / 帯:B1404)4th from the top left


山田樹奈さん(振袖:R873 / 帯:B1403)2nd from the right

北川綾巴さん(振袖:R1519 / 帯:B619)3rd from the right

藤本冬香さん(振袖:R485 / 帯:B1406)1st from the left












NMB48:林萌々香さん(振袖:R1610 / 帯:B1716)3rd from the top right

NMB48:小川結夏さん(振袖:R943 / 帯:B1403)1st from the top right


 堺萌香さん(振袖:R1698 / 帯:B1653)1st from the right

Happy adult ♪
  We wish you all the best for the AKB 48 Group.


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