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Hairstyling & Make up

Yumeyakata’s professional stylist do your hair beautifully.


Recommended Hair Style for Kimono

Hairstyle choosing from8
(long or short)

2,750yen → 1,650yen
  • Long Hair
  • Short hair

The hair styling option is on a reservation basis. Our hair salon serves customers with reservations as priority.

※This is especially recommendable during the peak season and the Public holidays.

※We will give you 550yen discount even you didn’t make a reservation on your visit day. (2,750yen→2,200yen)

※Wigs are not suitable for this options (please choose Special Order Hairstyle)

※Please keep our hair dry before the hairsytling.※Alteration after your hairstyling is not available.

Japanese Traditional HairStyle


Draw the most attention!☆If you wear a Kimono, why don’t you challenge the traditional Japanese hairstyle!?
For kids also.Hair Accessories for Japanese Traditional Hairstyle
※Accessories and make-up are not included.

Customized Hairstyling


Want to express your originality? and want to do something different with your hair? Feel free to consult our stylists.※Accessories and make-up are not included.

Japanese style hair


Special skill make you more elegant and with a good shape for formal occasion.

Full Make-up


Simple daily full make-up.
12 years old or below Eyebrows, cheeks, lips Make-up 2,750yen

Hairstyling(Customer who do not rent kimono in Yumeyakata)


Feel free to consult our stylists☆※Accessories and make-up are not included.

Accessory purchase

From 550yen

Many choices!! Cute, elegant, modern style!

Hair Accessories for Japanese Traditional Hairstyle