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Wedding Kimono Catalog

The wedding is a big event in life, and of course, you must pay special attention to the clothes you wear.
Usually when weddings are held in shrines or temples;
Women will wear “Shiromuku”, “Iro-uchikake” or “Hiki-furisode”
Men will wear “Montsuki” to pay homage and blessings for solemn occasions.


Iro-uchikake is a gorgeous colored attire.

Iro-uchikake was originally the formal attire for wives of samurais in the Muromachi period, during fall season. It gradually be preferred by rich merchants and aristocrats during the Edo period.
There are various color of Iro-uchikake, red and black are popular though.


Hiki-furisode is the first dress of a Japanese unmarried woman.

Hiki-furisode has been popular with upper class since the latter half of the Edo period.
There are many Hiki-furisode which are embroidered a lucky pattern on it. Black is the popular color.

Bride’s hair would be western style or traditional Japanese bridal hairstyle.

Formal jacket
Haori cord
Will use
more gorgeous styles
than usual
Wear outside the kimono
Have skirt style
and trousers style
only for Shiromuku
Cover the hair
Wedding kimono
from Edo period
All accessories
​are white


Shiromuku is all-white kimono which looks really beautiful. White is a color of the Sun in ancient Japan. White represents purity and cleanness.

Tsunokakushi(wig) hair style fits every wedding attire. However, Wataboshi is only for Shiromuku.

※Both hairstyles are option.


Montsuki is the most formal dress in Japan for men.

Montsuki began in the Edo period and was originally dressed as a male of the Samurai family.
Later, it gradually spread to men, and now it is men’s formal dress.

Although nowadays men are more often present in suits on formal occasions
But in addition to weddings, graduation ceremonies and adult styles, you can also wear Montsuki.