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Off the beaten path Gojo walking tour

Gojo Walking Tour in Kimonoproduce by the Kyoto Certified Tour Guide Akane Kibune

If you rent a kimono at Yumeyakata:

2 persons3,300yen/person  3 persons or above:2,750yen/person

Without rental:

2 persons3,850yen/person  3 persons or above:3,300yen/person

Near Yumeyakata, when we talk about Gojo, we usually think of famous places and concepts such as Miyagawacho (one of Kyoto’s hanamachi), Kiyomizu-yaki pottery art, or Gojozaka leading to Kiyomizu Temple.
But there is in reality a secret area full of retro streets that even locals don’t know of.
With the Kyoto Certified Tour Guide Akane Kibune, who contributes already to Yumeyakata’s blog, get to know one of Gojo’s mysterious areas and lesser-known history during this tour!


Produced by
Kibune Akane

Born in Kyoto and grown up in Kyoto. I love Kyoto so much.
I pay attention to history and monuments every day.
His specialty is the late Tokugawa era and energy spots.
Hope to show the charm of Kyoto more to the customers

[Qualifications]Kyoto certification level 1

Gojo walking tour in kimono  Details

produce by Kyoto certification level 1 Kibune Akane

Date On request (advance reservation is needed)
Tour slots 13:00 at Yumeyakata, 14:30 tour starts
Price If you rent a kimono at Yumeyakata:
2 persons: 3,300yen/person ; 3 persons or above: 2,750yen/person
Without rental:
2 persons: 3,850yen/person ; 3 persons or above: 3,300yen/person
※※This plan does not include accident insurance. thank you for understanding.
Age From 12 years old
Number of participants The tour occurs from 2 participants (up to 10)
Length of tour About 2 hours
Tour Area Spots nearby 1km from Yumeyakata
  • Kimono rental price is not indluding.
  • You can reserve the earlier slots of kimono rental.
  • For 1 person, it is possible to experience for paying the price of 2 persons.​

Learn History

Without helping it, you get into some narrow streets. Suddenly, a beautiful old machiya.

Places that can’t be found in any guidebook will open to you today.


Take Photo

Get Yumeyakata’s pro photographer advice about the best locations to take pictures that will pop on your social medias!


Eat & Drink

An area full of old teahouses reformed into cafes and shops, traditional confectioneries, unique shops with an intimate atmosphere. Fill in your eyes and your stomach during this tour!


Model Route




Some spots on the tour

You can also get recommendations about the hidden spots where to take nice pictures.

1.A shrine full of history visited by women of the nobility

2.What is the “Yotsugi-san of Kyoto”?

3.What was the favorite item of nobility’s children during the Heian period?

4.The tale of Genji’s main character used to live here?

5. A result of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s Great renovation of the Former Capital.

6.The origins of “kudaranai” (worthless) come from here?!

7.Remains of Toyotoi Hideyoshi’s most ambitious work

8.What is one of the pieces of art born in Kyoto?

9.Come see it while you can! The beautiful former teahouses

10.A building from one of the most famous Japanese companies in the world?