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Kyoto Kimono Rental・Yukata/Location Photo/Group OK

Wedding Location Photography

Once-in-a-lifetime photography
Combine with the experience of Japanese wedding tradition and beauty
Put on the most traditional and luxurious wedding kimonos in Japan to retain the most important moments of life!
Adjustable venue or shooting time on rainy days

Dressing+Hairstyling+Make-up…About 2 hours Shooting Time…About 2 hours Image…About 200

Plan includes

Wedding Location Photography

Plan includes
Wedding Kimono Rental
Women Hairstyling
Hair accessories rental
Taxi Fare
Gion Location Photography
Photo in data file
151,800 yen

This price is for ”Gion” course.


The above plan already includes all necessary costs for shooting. Additional customized options for styling/photography can be purchased.


Price list

Change of Japanese Wedding Dress

Bride changes dress+2 hours shooting


Including 2 Hours shooting and supporter fee.

  • Price depends on place.
  • In case, bride need to change dress and reserved the wedding ceremony,the meals will be charged 7,040yen+tax.If there is any accompanying friends or family, 1760yen/​person will be charged.
  • Can be replaced with your own wedding dress, the price is 55,000yen

Groom changes dress

Price list


If you don’t add an option, you can choose one from the catalogue that day.

Traditional Japanese Hair Styl


Takashimada Wig & Kanzasi


Bride wear wig and ornamental hairpin.※Reservation required

Hair style change(Western Style → Western Style)


≪Only for those who change to another kimono≫



Hair style change(Japanese Style → Western style)Free

≪Only for those who change to another kimono” Western Style≫

Groom hairstyling

Price list

Make Up ・ Beauty

Change makeup


≪Only for those who change to another kimono≫

Eyebrow trimming(women only)


Stylist supporter


If you want to make up your makeup and confirm your hairstyle at any time during the photo shoot, please choose this option.
If not, 1 dressing staff will follow during the shoot.

Fake eyelashes

Price depends


Price list


Basic photo route is Gion area.

Gion + Yasaka Pagoda (yasaka no to)

+11,000yen about 2.5 hours

Gion + Maruyama Park

+11,000yen about 2.5 hours

Gion + Shirakawa River bridge

+11,000yen  about 2.5 hours
Price list

Change of route

Can change to another place.


+16,500yen about 3 hours

Saga Arashiyama Daikakuji

+55,000yen about 3 hours

Shosei-en Garden

+44,000yen about 2 hours

Umenomiya Taisha

+22,000yen about 3 hours

※Location Photo+Wedding ceremony Please refer to Wedding Ceremony Location Photography

Toufukushi Temple

+66,000yen about 2.5 hours


+22,000円 about 2 hours

Photo options

Photographer Designation Fee


Studio Photography


Studio Photography 1sheet(with album/frame)

2 Hours shooting extra charge


Design Album

Yumeyakta provides printable postcards, wedding photos, etc.
Large pixel data file!
Print album are no problem

Album 20 pages

65,450yen+International Post

Album 30 pages

87,450yen+International Post


View the process details from the store to the outdoor photos
We have English speaker staff who ready to do the translation for you.You can always contact the stylist to have your ideal look
Even for the first time in the wedding photography abroad we will be your translator! Also don’t worry!

  • Wedding Kimono Dressing
    ​at 1st building of Yumeyakata

  • Staff will confirm
    the content of the program with you
    Time … about 5 minutes

  • Professional makeup artist + hairdresser
    ​To create an adapted style
    Time … about 30 minutes

  • Wedding Kimono dressing
    by our professionals
    Time … about 40 minute

  • Free hair ornaments for rent!
    ​And make the overall fit of the hairstyle
    Time … about 5 minutes

  • At the same time we dress the groom
    with the wedding Hakama
    (Time … about 10 minutes)

  • The dressing is done!
    Take some souvenir pictures!

  • Taxi fare
    is included.

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