Upgrade your kimono!

We have various options and hairstyling.



(Reservation is required) 


We recommend you doing hairstyling when you wear kimono.

Our professional stylists set your hair quickly!

This option is required an advance reservation.



Studio Photo


​(By Download ONLY)

Very popular option! 

You can use some props like Japanese sword and umbrella. 

We recommend printout & data package for group, family and couple!

Take a photo shoot after getting dressed and you can receive it when you return.


Price List

Studio Photography


※By download ONLY

※300yen each for extra photos.

※Group photo is available.

More than 5 people, you have to shoot seperately due to the limited space of the studio.

Extra Print out photo

+500yen/one photo

※Photo print size:cabinet size(12.7 by 17.8cm with frame)

※You will receive the same picture in print & data format.

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Flower Decoration for obi(belt)

500yen without tax

​※limited stock


Full Make-up    4,000yen
Eyebrows, cheeks and lips Make-up    2,500yen  ※up to 12y/o

※Reservation required

A professional make-up service for all ages and all tastes!

Recommended: Especially person who choose location photo or premium plan! Let us know what kind of makeup you'd like to put on. 

Patterned Collar 500yen

Patterned collar which is called "Garaeri" in Japanese makes kimono looks gorgeous.

We prepare various type of patterned collar from independent design in Yumeyakata.

Recommended: We highly recommend this option! Normally, collar is white. but for an extra 500yen, you can wear colorful collar. you don't need make a reservation.

Sash Otaiko Style 1,000yen

The Otaiko obi sash is also called Fukuro obi or Nagoya obi.

You can choose the "Obiage" and "Obijime" (accessories) to go with the sash.


Recommended: Traditional Japanese Belt style! Looks very sophisticated! Obiage and Obijime are included. 

Sash Band 200yen

Cute and retro style sash bands are prepared! 

Obiage & Sash Band 500yen 

Using accessories such as Obiage and sash band, it make your dress up perfect!

Jacket 500yen

Perfect for colder weather as it keeps you warm while being light to wear.

Only available in winter. 

Hakoseko 3,000yen

Hakoseko is a traditional accessory set usually combined with Premium and formal attires. 


Note: The photo is an example. Different designs and colors available. 

Shawl Rental  300yen

Available in winter only. Available for women, men and kids.


Note: One per person. We also sell disposable heating pack.

Fur Rental 1,000yen

Fluffy fur makes you look splendid!Available for women only.

Available in winter only.

►► ​NEW!
Traditional Japanese Hairstyle  5,000yen ≫For Hairstyling

Why not going for the full traditional Japanese hairstyle? You will definitely draw a lot of attention! Recommended for children too.

Recommended: Especially for Premium plans. Very popular for young girls too.  The traditional Japanese hairstyle will make your kimono experience even more exciting!

Original kimono-style hijab  500yen → Campaign! 300yen

Start on Feb. 2019!

You wear the hijab and want to try a kimono? No problem! We offer different original kimono-style hijabs for you to mix and match with the kimono outfit!

※ We do not provide pins with the hijab rental. Please use your own pins.

Lace Tabi(socks)  500yen

Size:Free(about 22.0cm~25.0cm)


Even kimono, recommended for yukata also ♪ Femininity is up just by wearing. It's a stretchy material and it's very easy to wear.

Boots Rental from 3,000yen
Boots Purchase from 3,600yen



Not only for kimono/hakama, you can also wear them as part of your daily outfits.

Location Photo Plan 23,000yen~ ≫For Location Photo Plan
Escorted by a photographer, take professional photos with kimono at famous spot in Kyoto!!! No one will be left out of the group photo anymore. All of you can enjoy Kyoto!
※Reservation required!!!!!!
Japanese Style Umbrella Rental 1,000yen
Why not renting a Japanese umbrella? This umbrella can be rented for only 1,000yen and it is an essential item for you when you take a photo shoot with Kimono costume! A perfect match with the Kyoto street views.
Limited quantities available!
※It is not available on rainy day.
※In case of return on the next day by delivery service, this option is not available.
Japanese Style Umbrella Purchase 5,000yen
It is an essential item for you when you take a photo shoot with Kimono costume! A perfect match with the Kyoto street views.
Limited quantities available!
Umbrella Purchase 1,800yen
Even with the kimono in raining day! Enough for two people.
Men's long underpants 200yen
We recommend you to wear for;
1. keep cool when it's humid!
2. keep warm when it's cold
3. underwear is especially beneficial for those people who sweat more.
Return on the next day direct to the shop
1,000yen~/person(Premium kimono:2,000yen~/person)
Extend the return time. You can enjoy dinner with kimono!
Please return by 10:00am~5:00pm on the next day.

You can choose to return by mail as well!
you can deliver it the day you reserve or the day after your reservation
Return on the next day by delivery
1,500yen~/person(Premium kimono:2,500yen~/person)
※If you returned on the day past 7:30pm, it will cost extra cost.
※It is not available on Dec. 30th since our store closed on Dec.31 to Jan.3rd.
※In the case kimono hasn't been returned within a week or lost it, we will charge kimono fee.
Luggage Storage Service 500yen/piece
Need to store your baggage in Kyoto?
You can leave your suitcase during your trip. It‘s only 500yen! only for now!
Luggage items can be stored by 6:00pm. (from 50cm x 40cm)
Note:we cannot keep any valuables(credit card, passport, camera etc...) and fragile.

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