How to book location Package?

Kimono Rental Price

Location Package Price

※When you make an appointment of Yumeyakata's Location Photo Plan, a deposit equal to a 20% of the package price will be invoiced. Please confirm the invoice e-mail sent later-on and settle your payment by credit card. The rest amount shall be paid when you come to the store.
※If the photo shoot is cancelled due to severe weather conditions or force of nature, we will return the deposit in cash on your appointed day.

※In case that we do not receive your payment or any contacts before due, the location photo plan will be cancelled. Your appointment of kimono rental, on the other hand, will remain as booked.

※If the appointment is confirmed at 9:00AM, an early morning charge at 1000yen/person will incur once the location photo plan is cancelled. 


※The price shown is for a group of no more than 4 people only. For 5 to 7 people, an added charge equal to 1.5 x package price will apply. For 8 to 10 people, an added charge equal to 2 x package price will apply. (If your group is more than 10 people, please contact us)
※Admission fee not included.
※Hair accessories and Make-up not included.
※Transportation by taxi only. Taxi fare not included.
※If the photographer needs to enter a restaurant or cafe with the customer during the shoot, the customer shall bear the food expenses. Same applies to an interpreter along with admission fees if one is necessary.
※Under poor weather conditions, the shoot may be cancelled.
※The time required means the time from departure until end of shoot.

Departure from Oike Bettei shop

If you depart from Oike shop, you meet the photographer at the photoshoot location. The photographer's taxi expenses to come to the location is at your charge.

Yumeyakata's Location package


NEW!! Nishio Yatsuhashi no Sato Package

Feel a relaxing time while enjoying the 100-year-old Sukiya-style Shoin-built building and the garden with wonderful scenery in each season designated as ''the buildings and gardens that color the Kyoto that Kyoto citizens want to preserve as Kyoto property '' receive.

Oike Bettei Package

Original portrait shooting at Oike Bettei by professional cameraman. You can enjoy shooting with a photographer rental for 30 minutes!

Mini Package

Special Release in Spring!!!

The highlight of this tour takes you to Gion area.

NEW!! Toei Eigamura Package

It is a theme park that reproduced Japanese movies and the Edo period. Once you step into the village, the streets of the Edo era as it is spreading so you feel like a time slip!

You may be able to encounter actual TV shooting scenes! What? After finishing the shooting, you can enjoy the village as it is!

Gion Package

The highlight of this tour takes you to Tatsumibashi Bridge, considered as Gion’s symbol.

Higashiyama Package

The classic package: streets with traditional houses, temples and shrines make every visitors feel they are really in Kyoto. Recognized as the symbol of Higashiyama, "Yasaka Pagoda" in Yasaka Street is an excellent photo shoot spot.

Arashiyama Package

Arashiyama is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kyoto. Overlooking the panoramic scenery from Togetsukyo Bridge, roaming around Tenryuji Temple, Nonomiya Shrine, and strolling in the refined bamboo forests, you can experience Arashiyama's changing view in four seasons.

Anniversary Package

To propose to your partner or to celebrate your anniversary, this plan may suit for you. Photography, flower and assistant are included in this plan. You can discuss how the propose go through with our photographer.

Bishamon Package

bishamon is a famous spot for maple
but the green and sakura is also worth visiting.Don't miss this temple if you come to kyoto.

Morning Package

With the Higashiyama or Gion Location Photo Plan from Yumeyakata, an excellent course to enjoy ! the most popular locations of Gion and Higashiyama! So many different places that Higashiyama offers!

Tofuku-ji Package

Tofukuji is particularly famous for its spectacular autumn colors in Kyoto.

It is one of the most beautiful spots unknown to foreigners.

Higashiyama + Gion Package

With the Higashiyama + Gion Location Photo Plan from Yumeyakata, an excellent course to enjoy ! the most popular locations of Gion and Higashiyama! So many different places that Higashiyama offers!

Sennyu-ji Package

Sennyu-ji is a must-see among Kyoto’s Buddhist temples. 

After visiting Sennyuji, we will visit Dessert cafe Kanshundo for enjoying Japanese green tea and Japanese sweet. This package is highly recommended for couple.

Full day and Half day Packages

【PRICE】51,000yen~(It depends on Package)

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