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Amulet for Strong Legs at Goou Jinja Shrine

Have you ever visited the Goou Jinja (護王神社) shrine located at the west side of Gosho (御所, Kyoto Imperial Palace)? The shrine is also called as Inoshishi (いのしし, wild bore) shrine since the messengers of the deity there are wild bores.

The god enshrined there is Sir. Wakeno Kiyomaro (和気清麻呂), who was the major contributor to the establishment of Heiankyo (平安京, ancient Kyoto) and highly trusted by the emperor Kanmu (桓武天皇). There is a myth about Kiyomaro: he had a handicapped leg. During his journey, several thousands of wild bores appeared out of nowhere to lead him to complete his journey safely. Plus, by the time the journey ends, kiyomaro’s leg and his weakened back were completely healed. Based on this myth, the shrine became famous for the divine flavor of strong legs and quality life.

If you wish to maintain your health, it’s a good idea to visit the shrine.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Certificate 1st Grade




10 mins. on foot from Matutamachi station, Subway Karasuma line.

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