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Autumn Tints at Shinnyodo Temple

Shinnyodo (真如堂) is a temple of the Teadai (天台) sect of Buddhism, founded in the Heian (平安) era. It’s not the famous-for-sightseers type of temple, but in fact, counted as one of the nice view spots for the autumn foliage.

The Amida (阿弥陀), the Honzon (本尊, the principal object to worship) of this temple, is otherwise called as “Unazuki no Mida (うなづきの弥陀, nodding mida) and is said to be beneficial for women. The name came after the myth of the Mida who nodded to the question “Are you going to save women?”

On the premises, there are many buildings with historical importance, such as Hondo (本堂, the main hall), Sanju-no-to (三重塔, the Three storied tower)and other small sub temples. With the borrowed landscape of Higashiyama (東山, the mountain range in the eastern Kyoto), the three and the flowers on the promises give visitors a peace of mind.

Ladies, if you are planning to visit this temple to enjoy the autumn tints, please do not forget to pay a visit to Amida.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert 1st Grade

4 mins. on foot from Kinrin shakomae, Kyoto city bus





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