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Dining in KIMONO

We often receive questions from our customers about how to have meals while being dressed in Kimono (着物). I always answer that it’s nothing different from wearing Western clothes.

However, at the same time I can understand that their question is out of fear for dropping food on beautiful Kimono. If you feel the same way, please put a handkerchief on your knees. Or even, it’s OK to put one end of the handkerchief in-between the layers of your Obi (帯) belt (see the picture below). It’s better not to put it in-between the layers at your chest since it can look too childish. Cutting food into bite-size on the dish with chopsticks can be an elegant way to prevent food from dropping. Anyways, please avoid hamburgers!

The tightness of Obi belt effects how much you can eat. Dressing technique of Kimono is very important.

Wearing Kimono itself is already an extraordinary experience, plus, dining in Kimono can be a super fun away from the everyday life. The most important thing is to enjoy. Don’t worry about staining and please have fun!

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