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For Whom Do You Wear Yukata?

As a former Maiko (舞妓), I had an opportunity to give a lecture on sophisticated ways of wearing Yukata (浴衣, informal cotton Kimono for summer). At the preliminary meeting of the lecture, I introduced what I learned from my Oneisan (お姉さん, a mentor, an elder Geiko) about “For whom we should wear Kimono (着物)”. Since all the staff members were very curious about the topic, I decided the lecture title to be “For whom do you wear Yukata?”.

Now, for whom do YOU wear Yukata?

The answer my Oneisan gave me was: Half for yourself, and half for the one you spend the time with.

At summer festivals or firework display events, and especially on August 16 of Daimonji Gozan no Okuribi (大文字五山の送り火, Ceremonial bonfire of five mountains), many people wear Yukata in Kyoto. Yutaka is an item very refreshing and comfortable to look at, and it represents the Japanese summer itself. The biggest advantage of yukata is the ability to express the seasonal sensation.

People often ask me for the tips of wearing Yukata in a cool manner, however, Yukata is not comfortable as it looks. When it comes to comfortability, Yukata is not a match for Western clothes at all.

Having said that, some ideas can be employed to make it more or less relaxing. Please produce your refreshing Yukata fashion, and make the moment of this summer unforgettable, for yourself and for the one you spend the time with…

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