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Hagi Flowers at Nashinoki Jinja Shrine

It’s already September, yet unusually hot. Here in Kyoto, everybody including me is somewhat fed up with this severe hot and humid weather. However, the other day, I happened to find a sign of autumn in town.

I visited Nashinoki Jinja (梨の木神社) shrine near Kyoto Gosho (京都御所, Kyoto Imperial Palace), founded in order to commemorate the late Sanjo Sanetsumu (三条実萬) and his son, the late Sanjo Sanetomi (三条実萬), both renowned for their contribution in the Meiji Restoration (明治維新). The shrine is also famous for the well called Somei no mizu (染井の水) listed as three top quality water in Kyoto.

On the premises, Hagi (萩, Bush clover) flowers which represent autumn in Japan were starting to bloom. The flowers beautifully swaying even in the hot summer breeze brought me a peace of mind. It is a well known fact that Dr. Hideki Yukawa (湯川秀樹), the Nobel Prize laureate, loved this pretty pink flowers too.

The forecast says the autumn will come soon. I am looking forward to it.

Kyoto city bus No. 4, 17, and 205
3 imns. on foot from Furitu Idai Byoin Mae

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

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