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The Final Jidai Festival in the Heisei Era

Jidai Festival (時代祭り, Festival of the Ages), one of the three major festivals in Kyoto, was successfully conducted on October 22. Because of the cancellation last year due to the impact of the typhoon, many people had enthusiastically waited for the moment.

The festival was commenced in 1895, as the 1100th anniversary of Heian sento (平安遷都, the transfer of the national capital to Kyoto), as well as the celebration for the foundation of Heian shrine (平安神宮), and consists of processions displaying traditional costumes of each era of Japanese history.

On the day, Kyoto Gosho (京都御所, the former Imperial Palace) at which the procession starts, is very crowded with sightseers all eager to see the spectacle of one thousand years of history, and the national first-class treasures which adorn the processions. Above all, costumes strictly proven in terms of historical accuracy enchant all the spectators’ hearts.

When you hear the sound of fifes and drums, it tells you the arrival of the leading troop of the procession, the Ishin-Kinnoh-Tairetu (維新勤皇隊列, an army unit consists of farmers fought for the government at the Boshin War). The streets is filled with cheers, and the festival reaches the climax when the historical heroes show up.

Jidai festival colors the autumn in Kyoto. We are all proud of it.

Akane Kibune

Kyoto Expert Certificate 1st Grade

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