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The Statue of Miyamoto Musashi at Yagi Shrine

Yagi shrine (八木神社) in the Ichijoji (一乗寺) district of Kyoto is very famous for its deep connection with Miyamoto Musashi (宮本武蔵), the greatest swordsman of Japan, and is more like a holy land for his enthusiastic fans.

It is said that Musashi visited this shrine before the duel with Samurais of Yoshioka school, and prayed for the victory. Close to the shrine, there is an ancient pine tree called ”Ichijo Sagari Matsu (一乗寺下がり松)”, whose surrounding area was the venue of the duel.

On the premises of the shrine, stands a status of Miyamoto Musahi holding his swords. Please take a look at his expression! Why don’t you visit there and see Musashi. He will give you great courage.

Akane Kibune



7mins. on foot from Ichijoji Sagarimatsu, Kyoto City bus

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