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A God of Wealth, Kyoto Ebisu Shrine

In order to start a happy New Year, we Japanese visit shrines or temples to pray for happiness.

Kyoto Ebisu shrine (えびす神社) enshrines a god for wealth, commonly known as Ebisu-san (えべっさん). Along with Nishinomiya Ebisu (西宮えびす) and Osaka Imamiya Ebisu (大阪今宮えびす), Kyoto Ebisu is listed in the top-three Ebisu shrines in Japan.

As you enter the premises, you’ll see a lot of statues of Ebisu, and notice that the place is filled with energy from smiling faces of both Ebisu-sans and visitors.

The interesting thing about this shrine is its one particular rule for making wishes. After making a prayer at the main sanctuary, you cannot go back the way you came in. You just have to turn left and go straight along the wall of the building, and then, at the half way of the path, you have to knock the wooden wall and make your prayer once more. This is because Ebisu has poor hearing so that you have to make sure he heard your prayer by knocking the wall right behind the place he is settled.

From January 8 to 12, the shrine is bustled with countless number of visitors who all seeking for happiness. Please try YUMEYAKATA Kimono and make your prayer at Kyoto Ebisu shrine.

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8 mins on foot from Shijo-Keihan-mae, Kyoto city bus

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