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A Lunch Menu at Sushi Restaurant Masuda

The other day, I was walking alone around JR Enmachi (円町) station, and found a nice Sushi (寿司) restaurant “Masuda“. I had a lunch plate of Nigiri Sushi (にぎり寿司, hand shaped sushi), Hosomaki (細巻, narrow rolled sushi) and half sized Udon (うどん) noddle. It was delicious and cost only 800 yen! The Udon with a lot of shredded Oage (お揚げ, deep fried tofu) was good too.

As I spoke with the chef, it turned out that he learned Japanese cuisine in the Nishijin (西陣) area in which I was raised. We had a pleasant talk about the old times of Nishijin.

The chef said that now he has to learn how to speak English for he’s having so many customers from overseas. Though the place is kind of hard to find from the main street, it is worth to try. Please visit to have a nice lunch time.

Akane Kibune

Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade


5 mins. on foot from Enmachi station, JR line

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