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A Meisen Silk Scarf

Meisen (銘仙) is a casual type of silk Kimono for ladies which was once very popular during the Taisho (大正) till the beginning of the Showa (昭和) era. I remember my grandmother had a lot of them in her chest.

Today, real Meisen are hardly to be seen, let alone to be worn, since they are truly old. However, along with the revival of old‐fashioned things in recent years, Meisen patterns and colors are popular again, and replicas of Meisen are also available on the market.

Sometimes, bags and accessories made of Meisen cloth can be found at recycle stores. For Meisen is inexpensive and durable, it’s a good material for handicrafts.

The other day, I found a pretty scarf made of Meisen with a corduroy lining. It’s so light and warm to wear, and goes very well not only with Kimono but also with Western clothes.

The idea of using Meisen for scarves made me excited. I might as well search my parents house for old Meisen.

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