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Amazake (Sweet Sake) Festival at Umenomiya-Taisha Shrine

Umenomiya-Taisha (梅宮大社) is widely worshiped in Kyoto as beneficial for conception and safe delivery. It is based on the shrine’s history of the Empress Danrin (檀林皇后), the wife of the Emperor Saga (嵯峨天皇), who was blessed with a baby-prince after offering a prayer at this shrine. In addition, the shrine is familiar to many YUMEYAKATA customers as one of the destination of our “Location Wedding Photo Plan”, and the deity here is also famous as a god of brewing.

On February 11, every year the shrine holds the Amazake (甘酒, sweet alcohol drink made of fermented rice) festival. On the day, the shrine gets very crowded, and Amazake made of Sakekasu (酒粕, sake lees) offered by sake breweries which are in the season of brewing is dedicated to the god. After the ceremony, the Amazake is served to visitors.

I spent a wonderful day with the nice warm Amazake and the early blooming plum flowers.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade



Umenomiya-Jinja, Kyoto city bus

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