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Kyoto Kimono Rental・Yukata/Location Photo/Group OK




Amazing experience

Rating : ★★★★★
Review text : Our family had an amazing experience with Yumeyakata’s kimono rental and Gion Locatio n shoot package. The staff are friendly and assisted us very well during the entire process. Althou gh there are a lot of people in the shop already even at 9am, the process was organized and smooth. Our Gion shoot was also a great experience. Makimura Taro-san was patient with our child and he got her to loosen up and smile for the camera despite being shy at first. We got very good photos and I already have some friends and family inquire on where I got the service. I would definitely recommen d Yumeyakata’s service to my friends and family. Thank you, Taro-san and the whole staff for making my daught

er’s birthday memorable!

Nicknam : Anna
Your photographer : 槇村太郎 TARO MAKIMURA [Photos]
Came to the shop on : 4 / 21