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Kyoto Kimono Rental・Yukata/Location Photo/Group OK




Amazing Service and Photographer , Daiki Shikama

Rating : ★★★★★
Yumeyakata exceeded expectations with the couple kimono rental and location photography photo plan. After reviewing the work of the photographers of Yumeyakata, Daiki Shikama’s eye for composition gav e the best impression. It is one thing to be amazed with his photographs, but the highlight of the e ntire experience was during the photo shoot since he was a joy to work with and really connected wit h us, which helped us to look our best in our photos. The Yumeyakata website was very clear with the instructions for the rental to the photo shoot. This was great for aligning expectations. I liked how they guide you every step of the way. The person who assisted me in getting dressed was super sweet. She knew some English, so that helped with the preparations. I chose hairstyling services for long hair and my hairstylist was incredible. She had very gentle ha nds and was able to style my hair without any trace of discomfort and pain. Overall, I would highly recommend Yumeyakata to anyone wanting to rent a kimono and even have their photos taken. They have an incredibly great and reliable service!

Nicknam : Lena
Your photographer : Daiki Shikama [Photos]
Came to the shop on : 10/1