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Autumn Foliage around Higashi Honganji Temple

Higashi Honganji (東本願寺) is a gigantic temple located very close to our building as well as JR Kyoto station, and is famous as the headquarter of Otani sect of Shinshu (真宗大谷派).

On the premises, there are many temple buildings with immeasurable historical and architectural importance, such as Miei-doh (御影堂) which is the world’s biggest wooden architecture, Amida-doh, and many other sub temples. Above all, Miei-doh-mon (御影堂門), one of the three top gates in Kyoto along with Chioin-sanmon (知恩院山門) and Nanzenji-sanmon (南禅寺三門), is truly worth seeing. The gate is relatively new since it is the reconstruction in the Meiji (明治) era. However, whether old or new, I felt dizzy when I looked it up by its overwhelming magnificence with the height of 28 meters.

Today, ginkgo trees around the temple were starting to change the color into yellow. Some maple trees were also getting tinted. If you have a chance, please visit the temple and see, hopefully in Kimono.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certificate 1st Grade

5 mins. on foot from Gojo, Subway



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