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Autumn Foliage in Taizo-in

Now Kyoto is in its prime season for viewing the beautiful autumn foliage. Many of our customers visit temples and shrines and have wonderful time wearing YUMEYAKATA’s Kimono (着物).

The other day, I also got dressed in Kimono and visited Taiso-in (退蔵院), an old temple located in the premises of Myoshin-ji Temple (妙心寺). The temple is also famous for its treasury of Japanese oldest Suiboku-ga (水墨画, ink brush painting).

The calm and tranquil atmosphere of the main yard made me feel…”This is what I wanted. THIS is the Zen (禅) temple.” If you feel tired of busy everyday life, it can be a nice idea to visit this temple.

The foliage was beautiful in vermilion red and was just breathtaking, accompanied by leaves in light green, yellow, and red. YUMEYAKATA’s Kimono is a best partner of your dream trip.


3 min. on foot from “Myoshinji mae” of Kyoto city bus and Kyoto bus.
7 min. on foot from “Hanazono” station, JR Sagano line.


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