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Autumn Tints at Temple of Golden Pavilion

Kinkakuji (金閣寺), as known as the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, is the spot of great popularity for sightseers along with Kiyomizu dera (清水寺) Temple. The dazzling gold brilliance has been enchanting its visitors’ hearts.

This beautiful construction with the three stories was founded by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (足利義満), the third commander of the Muromachi (室町) shogunate who monopolized the power and wealth at that time, and officially called as “Shariden (舎利殿)”. However, people like to call it as Kinkaku (金閣), after its graceful appearance wrapped with gold foils.

The scenery is the very reproduction of Gokurakujodo (極楽浄土, the pure land in Buddhism). The Sakasa-kinkaku (逆さ金閣, the reverse Golden Pavilion) reflected of the surface of Kyokochi (鏡湖池) pond is also the must to see.

Before long, the temple will be covered with the autumn tints of this year. No other places can provide the visitors with such a luxury view of gold and scarlet.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert 1st Grade

4 mins. on foot from Kinkakuji michi, Kyoto city bus



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