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Azaleas at Saimyoji Temple

If you ask me about the best spots to view autumn foliage, I would name: Jingoji (神護寺) temple at the Takao (高雄) district, Kosanji (高山寺) temple at Toganowo (栂尾), and Saimyoji (西明寺) temple at Makinowo (槇尾). These three spots are collectively called as Sanbi (三尾), and also famous for greenery.

The picture below shows the cluster of Mitsubatsutsuji (ミツバツツジ, Azalea or Rhododendron dilatatum) flowers on the hill of Saimyoji temple surrounded by the fresh greenery of this season.

I have never get bored with the beautiful view of Mitsubatsutsuji covering the slow slope of mountain surface. Under the cloudless blue sky, in the midst of greenery of early summer, the beauty of the flowers took my breath away.

The cherry blossom season is ended, yet we have many other flowers waiting to bloom one after another. Nature in Kyoto is wonderful.

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