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Beautiful photos, professional photographer and satisfactory service

Rating : ★★★★★
My daughter and I had an excellent experience in Yumeyakata. Mr. Makimura was very professional. He had taken over 150 photos for me and my daughter. He not only chose different scenery, backgrounds a nd streets for us to take pictures, he even told us how to pose for pictures. He was patient. All th e photos were exceptionally beautiful and gorgeous. My family and friends were surprised and felt ex cited when seeing all those photos taken by Mr. Makiumura at Gion, Kyoto. The staff, who were helping us to wear the kimono, were very friendly, patient and helpful when serv ing us to wear the kimono and getting prepared to go out for photo-shooting. It was indeed an amazing experience at Yumeyakata in Kyoto, Japan. I highly recommend Mr. Makimura and Yumeyakata to my friends and other customers.
Nicknam : Sonia

Your photographer :槇村太郎 TARO MAKIMURA[Photos]
Came to the shop on : 8/4