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Beauty at Your Feet

Among the required subjects during the Maiko (舞妓) training, we have Kyo-mai (京舞, Kyoto Style dancing) class. In the lessons, Maiko are strictly lectured about the importance of beauty in the movement of feet. In the world of Japanese dancing, we don’t refer to it as “walk” but “move the feet”.

In an essay titled “Sutekina Anatani (素敵な貴女に, for Wonderful You)” by Ms. Shizuko Ohashi (大橋鎭子), the founder of “Kurashi no Techo (暮らしの手帳)” magazine, there’s a description about the beauty of clean white Tabi (足袋) socks.

Please imagine: It’s a twilight time, in a shadowy room. A classy woman is sitting there and the whiteness of her Tabi socks are faintly gleaming in the shadow.

As for footwear for Kimono (着物), Zohri (Japanese sandals) plus Tabi socks is the standard, whereas that of Yutaka is Geta (Japanese clogs) on bare feet.

Once an owner of long-established Zohri store in Kyoto said: Beauty remains there on your feet when you take your Zohri off. It decides your class more than anything.

Kimono fashion is supposed to be completed with a pair of right Zohri. If you want to be a Kimono master, please be aware of the movement of your feet.

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