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Cellar of Matsumoto Brewery and Mustard Plant Flowers

I love the town of Fushimi (伏見). The Fushimi district has been busy as the south front of Kyoto from the ancient times. In this district with sufficient quality water, rows of long-established Sakagura (酒蔵, Sake brewery) are creating an exotic atmosphere.

In addition, especially in this time of the year, a certain scenery which you must have seen in post cards is attracting many sightseers. It’s the view of countless numbers of tiny pretty mustard plant flowers along the Shintakase-gawa river (新高瀬川) bank, and the classic buildings and chimneys made of brick, completely harmonized with each other.

Please come visit this place to see the most symbolic scenery of Fushimi. I am confident to recommend!

Akane Kibune

12 mins. from Fushimi Momoyama station, Keihan line



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