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Cherry Blossom Patterned Kimono

This year, cherry blossoms are going to bloom early.

The cherry blossom represents spring in Japan, and it’s been controvercial if cherry patterned Kimono (着物) can be worn all through the year, or should be worn only in spring. Some say it can be worn throughout the year because it represents all flowers in Japan, and some say it should be worn only in spring because Kimono fashion values the four seasons the most.

In fact, there are so many designs of cherry blossom patterns. Roughly speaking, cherry blossom patterns without leaves nor twigs can be worn all through the year, whereas ones with leaves and twings can be worn only in spring.

Even if it’s plain without any patterns, kimono in pale pink of cherry petals, or mustard yellow of canola flowers, bring us the hint of spring. Once I knew a writer who wore cherry blossom kimono all through the year just because she loves the flower. As you see by now, we Japanese are so fond of cherry blossoms in particular.

In Kyoto from now on, so many cherry blossom viewing spots will be crowded with happy visitors. Please enjoy the view of pretty flowers with your eyes and on your Kimono.

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