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Compliments in Kyoto Dialect

“There is not much compliment expression in Kyoto dialect. Plus, people do not use those rare expressions anymore today.”

Once I heard an elderly lady from the Muromachi (室町) district sighed.

Among those rare expressions, we have “Han-nari (はんなり)” and “Koutona (こーとな)”. Both are mainly used to praise Kimono (着物) or colors. Han-nari means gorgeous kind of beauty, while Koutona means chic and mature elegance.

When I was a Maiko (舞妓), I always preferred mature-look Kimono, and every time I wore one of those, my Okasan (お母さん, the female owner of Yakata, the Maiko house) told me, “well, the Kimono is good but a little too Koutona for you”.

Now that I have grown mature enough for Toutona Kimono, it’s funny but sometimes I feel like wearing a Han-nari type of Kimono.

It’s already autumn now. Chances of going out in Kimono can be increasing. Whether it’s Han-nari or Koutona, the profoundness of Kimono fashion is truly a joy of autumn for ladies.

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