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Confectioneries in Kyoto

Confectioneries produced in Kyoto reflect the history of Kyoto itself. They also reflect the rich nature of Kyoto, such as big temperature difference, and transitions of the charming four seasons. In addition, since Kyoto had been a long established capital of Japan, the culture of court nobles, temples and tea masters, have highly influenced the production of sweets in Kyoto. Those sweets were also loved by the general public, and gradually developed into the varieties of sophisticated confectioneries.

The other day, I had a lunch at an authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant called “Kinobu (木乃婦)”, and had a jello at the end of the course. The jello was severed in a cup made of Yuzu (柚子, a type of Japanese citron), and garnished with sliced strawberries. It was very pretty and delicious. The scent of Yuzu brought me a hint of spring.

Akane Kibune,
Kyoto Expert 1st Grade

5 mins. from Shijo, Subway Karasuma line



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