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Daikon-Daki (Offering of Cooked Japanese Radish) in Ryotokuji Temple

One of the symbolic events of winter in Kyoto is the Daikon-daki (大根焚き, offering of cooked Japanese radish to public) in Ryotokuji (了徳寺) temple in the Narutaki (鳴滝) district, annually held on December 9th and 10th.

The event was originated from the story of the saint Shinran (親鸞聖人) when he gave a preach at this temple and was offered Daiko-daki by the delighted parishioners of this temple. As you see in the picture below, cut Daikon are boiled in huge pans. People say it prevents paralysis if you eat the Daikon-daki offering. On this day the temple gets crowded with many visitors.

I wish the happiness and good health for the coming New Year to all my readers! The year end is getting close…

Akane Kibune



4 mins. on foot from Narutaki-Honmachi, Kyoto city bus
5 mins. on foot from Narutaki station, Keifuku line