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Delicious! Kyoto Cuisine

We often hear from our customers that they would like to try Kyoto cuisine.

Frankly speaking, we must admit that Kyoto cuisine is delicious and very sophisticated. In my opinion, the taste is highly affected by the landscape and the culture of Kyoto.

For example, Kyoto is a field surrounded by mountains from three directions, having a large temperature difference between day and night. Besides, the transition of four seasons are extremely clear. As for water, Kyoto has bountiful source of pure water underneath the town, supplying rich spring water which is indispensable not only for food but also for Sake (酒, Japanese rice wine).

In addition, during the long history of being the capital of Japan, Kyoto cuisine has been developed along its own way under the influence of ceremonies and events conducted by the imperial court, samurai clans and monks. After all, Kyoto had been the capital for a thousand years.

My favorite food are Tofu (豆腐, soybean curd), Yuba (湯葉, Tofu skin), and Namafu (生麩, steamed wheat gluten). They are really colorful and pleasing to our eyes, and of course taste very good!

Please get dressed in YUMEYAKATA’s beautiful Kimono (着物) and enjoy Kyoto cuisine. Using your five senses is the key.

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