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Early Cherry Blossom at Kurumazaki Shrine

It’s already March, and is getting comfortably warm.

Kurumazaki Jinja (車折神社, meaning a broken-car) is a shrine very famous as the god of performing art, and its name originates from the story of the emperor Go-Saga (後嵯峨天皇) that his Gissha (牛車, ox carriage) got broken while he was passing through the shrine.

In the premises, Kawazu-zakura (河津桜, a breed of early blooming cherry) trees are now in full bloom. Under the blue sky, the flowers were so beautiful in the still crisp cold wind. The contrast with vermillion Tamagaki (玉垣, fence of Shito shrines) was even more graceful.

I felt so uplifted by the view of this young early cherry blossoms.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

Kuramazaki JInja, Randen line