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Eikando Temple

I was born in Kyoto and have never left. Even so, I never get tired of it.

Kyoto is called the place of “San shi, sui mei (山紫水明, beautiful mountains and clear water)”. When visiting Kyoto, you will see the wonderful sceneries, such as Higashiyama Sanju-Roppo (東山三十六峰, 36 mountain ranges) or the beautiful flow of the Kamo river (鴨川). From the old times, people have always been enchanted by its charms.

At the end of this autumn, I got dressed in Kimono (着物) and visited Eikando (永観堂) temple to see the final stage of its famous autumn foliage. The leaves of red and gold had almost completely fallen, and the temple was hushed in silence.

I stood there in the main hall from which all visitors except me had gone, and felt as if the perpetual flow of the time run through me. It was like communicating with Buddha. The Kimono magic brought me such a wonderful experience.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certificate 1st Grade




5 mins on foot from Nazenji/Eikando, kyoto city bus



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