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Enjoy Kimono as You Like

In the old days, there were two different Kimono (着物) cultures in Kyoto: one was cultivated within Hanamachi (花街, districts where Maiko and Geiko reside and work), and another one was among Machikata (wealthy citizens) wives.

Today, Kimono are worn mostly as ceremonial costumes, however, Kimono were more like casual everyday clothes in the past. I guess Kimono we wear today are descended from Machikata Kimono culture.

Our Japanese customers often say that they don’t know how to choose the Kimono and the Obi (帯) belt, or which pattern they should choose. In addition, some people think that the dress codes for Kimono are extremely strict. In contrast, customers from overseas tend to have no restriction in their mind and enjoy their Kimono fashion in their favorite color and pattern just as they please.

Except for formal occasions such as tea ceremonies, we recommend you to choose Kimono just like you choose an Western dress. As you practice that way, your sense of beauty will be brushed up in due course.

In Kyoto, we are now having the best season for wearing Kimono. Please try YUMEYAKATA’s Kimono, and enjoy your own fashion of Kimono and accessories.

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