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Enjoy Kimono in Autumn

It has become the season of scarlet maple leaves. In Kyoto, there are many nice viewing spots for these autumn delights. In some gardens and temples/shrines, the ponds in the premises reflect the sparkles of the illumination at night like the mirror, and visitors can enjoy the magical spectacles of tinted leaves of red and gold cast on the surface of the water. Both at day and night, visiting these places can be the perfect chance to take “Instagrammable” pictures.

In addition, this season is also the best time for enjoying Kimono (着物) fashion. The bright colors of autumn scenery make you in Kimono look beautiful even more.

If you want a mature look, choosing quiet colors and patterns for your bag and the accessories is the perfect option. Choosing thick and soft material in deeper tone can bring you the autumn atmosphere at once. One of my friends likes to wear persimmon or pumpkin-shaped broaches as Obidome (帯留め, ornament on Obi belt). Please enjoy Kimono fashion in this autumn.

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