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Enjoy Summer in Kimono

In Kyoto, July is the month of Gion festival (祇園祭). It’s the season for wearing summer Kimono (着物) called Usumono (うすもの) made of thin fabric.

Although many people prefer Yukata (浴衣, Japanese informal summer wear made of cotton) to Kimono during the hot summer, we YUMEYATA still strongly recommend you to experience the summer Kimono and recognize its charm.

While Yukata is a symbol of Japanese summer, wearing Kimono is a very sophisticated way of expressing yourself. People will admire your elegant look since not so many people wearing Kimono are around.

Selecting accessories is also a fun part. There are various kinds of items in different materials. For example, we have Obiage (帯揚げ, sash between Obi belt and Kimono) made of Ro (絽, a type of silk gauze) or Sha (紗, other type of silk gauze), obijime (帯締め, Obi band) made of lace or plaited cord. I often wear Zouri (草履, sandal) made of Panama mesh, and hold a straw bag. Lately, Western style bags woven with vines has become popular. As for Han-eri (半襟, inner collar), Ro or Sha is also cool. Plus, holding Higasa (日傘, sunshade parasol) will make you look noble.

Let’s learn the advanced way of Kimono fashion in summer!

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