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Erishin, Collar Core for Kimono

Erishin (衿芯) is a collar core for Kimono (着物) usually made of plastic, to be put inside of the Haneri (半衿, removable collar) stitched onto Nagajuban (長襦袢, undergarment for Kimono) in order to keep the neck part crisp.

As for myself, I had never used Erishin until very recently. It’s because of the customary practice for Maiko (舞妓) and Geiko (芸妓) not to use Erishin for whatever occasions. I don’t know the exact reason, but I assume it is due to the shape of Nagajuban we wore. Generally, the collars of Nagajuban are sewn to make a tubular shape alongside the neck so that Erishin can be inserted, whereas ours are not sewn, only folded.

Anyway, my jaw dropped when I experienced modeling at YUMEYAKATA, dressed by professional dressers using Erishin.

The effect was amazing. The crisp collar produced by using Erishin made my style very elegant and cool. Even my contour looked sharp and I loved it. The back of the neck was also kept beautiful. I, always reluctant to use unconventional tools, was blown away by the convenience and the effect. Maybe I will try other tools as well.

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