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Kyoto Kimono Rental・Yukata/Location Photo/Group OK




Excellent Service, Highly Recommended

Rating : ★★★★★
We had a extremely satisfying experience with Yumeyakata and our photographer, Mr. Makimura. Since we are a family of 4, we were assisted by a dedicated staff throughout the kimono selection process. They are very helpful in giving suggestions to pairings to help you achieve your most cute and prettiest look. After that the hair and makeup is also a breeze, with two people working on one person at a time (one for hair, one for makeup). On this though, suggest you bring your own hair accessories, but they also have some on site for sale.

We are very inexperienced with photoshoots in general, but Mr. Makimura was very helpful in capturing our best poses. Not only is he a good photographer, he also talked a lot about of the background regarding the places, shrines and temples we visited for the shoot.

Despite the hot weather (cant be helped because of the time we went), we had a very pleasant experience. We got the photos two days after we had the shoot, in excellent high quality. I can’t wait to have them printed out!

Some tips:

  1. bring your own hair accessories and earrings to glam up
  2. boots + yukata looks super cute
  3. rent or bring a parasol and fan which you can also use for your photoshoot (and cool off)

Our family truly appreciated the service and especially Mr. Makimura for coming out with truly wonderful photos from the shoot.
Thank you so much!

Nicknam :TB
Your photographer : 槇村太郎 TARO MAKIMURA[Photos]
Came to the shop on : 6/27