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Fantastic experience of kimono photoshoot under a good hand of Allan

Rating : ★★★★★
2018 marks my 10th year wedding anniversary with my hubby, and so we decided to do something special to commemorate this important milestones. I first contacted Yumeyakata months back before I flew to Japan. Upon a Q&A session with about 60 em ails flying in and out, we have finalised our outdoor photography location, photographer and kimono type. Thanks to the patience of our photographer Allan who were so patience in answering all our dou bts. The moment we step into the kimono shops, we were greeted, and lead to choose our hakama and furisod e. We were assisted by a group of experts from choosing kimono, dress up, make up and hair dressing Our photographer Allan is a chatty, funny and friendly young man. He guided us how to pose, and in f act when we look at the photo, we were both laughing non stop. A sweet experience indeed! We were gl ad we manage to get him as our photographer though we have to make slight amendment on our tour plan . It is definitely worth it!!!!! Good job and keep it up!

Nicknam : Michelle
Your photographer : アラン ALLAN[Photos]
Came to the shop on : 4/24