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Fresh Green and Azeria at Kameyama Park

Many of my readers might already know about the Kameyama Park at Arashiyama district, as the site of our location photo shooting. It’s the place where you can enjoy wonderful views of many kinds of flowers every season.

The Kameyama (亀=turtle, 山=mountain) park is named after its turtle-like landform, which commands the most attractive view of the Hozu river (保津川). In the old times, the beautiful scenery must have enchanted the Heian (平安) noblemen just like it does to us.

Now that the cherry blossoms are gone, another delight is coming. It’s the fresh greenery and I love it. In addition, azerias are soon in full bloom.The combination of fresh greenery and azerias is just breathtaking. Please visit there in YUMEYAKATA kimono and enjoy the view!

Akane Kibune

Kyoto Certificate 1st Grade Holder

20 mins. from Arashiyama station, Keifuku Arashiyama line

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