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Gate of Myoshinji Temple

When visiting temples, the first thing that catch visitors’ eyes is the front gate often referred to as Sanmon (山門) in Buddhism terms. Sanmon is the boundary of this world and the sacred place. When you walk though it, you are entering the pure land of Buddhism.

The Sanmon of Myoshinji (妙心寺) temple is a construction of the Momoyama (桃山) era, and designated as an important cultural properties of Japan. Having the height of 16 meters with beautiful vermillion-lacquer finishing, Sanmon attracts so many visitors from all over the world.

On the enormous premises, three buildings, namely Sanmon, Hondo (本堂, Main hall), and Hatto (法堂, multipurpose hall), are located in line. What a beauty, and what a profound world of Buddha.

I looked up this magnificent gate, and felt as if I was lured into it.

They say the doctrine and discipline of Zen (禅) school is extremely strict. I wonder how many Zen monks looked up this gate, just like I did.

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3 min. on foot from Myoshinji Mae of Kyoto city bus and Kyoto bus
7 min. on foot from Hanazono station, JR Saga line.


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