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Gojo Back Street Walk vol.1

I joined the ”Gojo Back Street Walk” tour conducted by Yumeyakata, at which participants explore the retrospective area of the less known part of Gojo (五条) neighborhood.

To start with, we visit Jyotoku-ji (上徳寺) temple, which is famous for the benefit of conception and safe delivery.

Next, we visit Hichihime Jinja (市比賣神社) shrine. The shrine was founded in the Heian (平安) period, and is gaining a great popularity as the god for retailers and women. The premises was crowded with many young female visitors.

This is so novel! A memorial tower for used credit cards.

(at Ichihime shrine)

A well called Ameno Manai (あめのまない). This sacred well is said to be responsive for prayers after drinking the water from this well, but only once at a time.

(at Ichihime shrine)

Written oracles in the princess shaped package♡

(at Ichihime shrine)

The Japanese oldest Tea Container shop established in 1875.Hand-processed containers change their colors and textures through long usage. I truly admire it and wish to get me one.

Along the way, Fujibakama (藤袴) flower was blooming. The flower appears in Genji-monogatari (源氏物語, The tale of Genji), the most famous Japanese literature all over the world. The beautiful purple flower is now listed as the endangered species.

Only one block away from the crowded main street, there is a mysterious world of Kyoto. The Gojo Back Street Walk continues…