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Hair Accessories for KIMONO

In terms of hair styles, short style suits Kimono (着物) very much. However, updo styles with gorgeous accessories are every women’s dream when wearing Kimono.

As for hair accessories, we have Kanzashi (かんざし, hair sticks). Some excavated artifacts tell us that Japanese women already wore Kanzashi in the Jomon (縄文) era (approx. 14000 B.C. – the fourth century B.C.)

In the Heian (平安) era, the definition of beauty was rich, long, straight hair. At that time, updo styles didn’t exist.

The Nihon-gami (日本髪, Japanese hair style) decorated with Kanzashi appeared in the middle of the Edo (江戸) era. While enjoying a long and stable peace after the Sengoku-Jidai (戦国時代, Warring States period), women’s hair styles became more and more complex, and at that time, specialized hair dressers were in huge demand.

Today, there are so many varieties of hair accessory products in the market, ranging from ones made of expensive material such as tortoiseshell, coral, or amber, to casual material such as cloth or rubber. In terms of shapes, there are
barrettes, hair bands, etc…so many items that I cannot even choose sometimes.

There’s no exact rule for choosing hair accessories, but it must be suitable for your Kimono. The balance is important!
YUMEYAKATA offers various kinds of lovely ones. After wearing them with YUMEYAKATA’s Kimono, it will be a souvenir for yourself to recall the memories of Kyoto.

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