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Hina Dolls Now Displayed at Oike Bettei Branch

Hinamatsuri (おひなさん, 雛祭り, Girls’ Doll festival, a Japanese tradition to celebrate and pray for the health of girls in the family) is coming soon.

When I was a child, my parents used to celebrate the event with traditional dishes unique to Hinamatsuri in Kyoto, such as Barazushi (ばら寿司, a type of sushi with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on rice), Hamaguri no osumashi (clear soup with clam), Hishimoshi (菱餅, diamond shaped three layered rice cake), Hichigiri (引千切り, pulled rice cake only for Hinamatsuri), Shirozake (白酒, sweet white sake), and Ohigashi (お干菓子, dry confectionery in various pretty shapes). Plus, we had butter-creamed fancy cakes and Hinaarare (雛あられ, snacks only for Hinamatsuri). I remember I was so excited.

Sometimes I discreetly touched the hair and the Kimono of the Hina ningyo (雛人形, Hina dolls). In Kyoto, we set the Otokobina (男雛, the Emperor doll) on the right and the Onnabina (女雛, the Empress doll) on the left. This position is opposite to those of other regions. Kyoto style position is in accordance with the imperial ritual at the Shishinden (紫宸殿) Hall in Kyoto Imperial Place, formerly used for state ceremonies.

Please come and see our Hina dolls for yourself. It is a wonderful way to welcome the spring season.

Click here to see the web page of Oike Bettei branch.

Hina Ningyo Exhibition: until April 18

Akane Kibune

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