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I Love Arashiyama

The Arashiyama (嵐山) district, lively crowded with many visitors all through the year, is listed as the three top spots for viewing autumn foliage.

In the old times, the Heian (平安) noblemen were also enchanted by the charm of this land. They built their villas and appreciated cherry blossoms, scarlet maple leaves, and the moon, to compose poems of seasonal scenery.

Togetsu-kyo (渡月橋, the moon is crossing) is the landmark bridge of Arashiyama, named after Kameyama Joko (亀山上皇, a retired emperor) who admired the scenery saying “the moon is walking on the bridge”. What a graceful name.

Soon, the whole city of Kyoto will be tinted in scarlet. It’s not only me who cannot help feeling excited. If you visit Kyoto in this season, please try Arashiyama.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

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