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Invitation to OTOKO (Men’s) KIMONO

Lately, it’s been a trend for men to enjoy Kimono (着物) fashion. In town, we come across guys in Kimono very often, and at summer festivals and fireworks events, we see many young couples sporting their well-matched Yukata (浴衣, summer Kimono made of cotton). I believe many of you might remember the mega seller photo book “KIMONO DANSHI (着物男子, boys in Kimono)” that featured some very handsome actors, like Shun Oguri (小栗旬) and Tori Matsuzaka (松坂桃李).

We used to have female customers with boyfriends that remained in their Western clothes. However, now we often have couples both are very excited about wearing Kimono. Moreover, it’s not rare for us to have male customers alone by themselves, or even male couples.

For beginners, a YUMEYAKATA rental Kimono is very handy. Please try an Otoko Kimono (男着物) to experience how to walk, eat, use the bathroom, and get in/out of the car. We also offer the new exclusive YUMEYAKATA original Kimono. Why don’t you give it a try?

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