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Iromuji (Plain) Kimono

Happy New Year, everybody! I guess many of you enjoyed wearing Haregi (晴れ着) during the New Year’s holidays!

Haregi is a term for gorgeous Kimono (着物) worn on Harenohi (ハレのの日, a day of special occasion). In the dictionary, Harenohi is defined as an antonym for Kenohi (ケの日, a day with nothing special).

Generally, Haregi means Furisode (振袖, the most formal long sleeved Kimono) for unmarried women, and Homongi (訪問着, formal Kimono) or one crested Iromuji (一つ紋の色無地) for married and/or elderly women.

Iromuji is a type of Kimono plainly dyed in one color except black, without patterns other than the in-weaved designs. It can be used for going out, tea ceremonies, Omiyamairi (お宮参り, visiting shrines for introducing new born babies to the god) and entrance/graduation ceremonies for children. In addition, it can be used for funerals if the color is very dark.Very versatile.

Conventionally, Iromuji are often adorned with family crests. The ones with one crest are considered as semi-formal and used for tea ceremonies and parties. Three crested ones are very formal and used for wedding ceremonies. The ones with no crest is for going out. Iromuji kimono also makes young women look very elegant and chic.

In addition, Iromuji can look both casual and formal depending on the Obi (帯, belt for Kimono) you choose, and the variations of suitable accessories such as Obiage (帯揚げ, sash between Kimono and Obi) or Obijime (帯締め, band on Obi) are immense.

Isn’t it a good idea to have one as an outfit for your Okeiko (お稽古, lessons) or a lunch with friends?

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