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Jinchoge Flowers

It’s already spring here in Kyoto.

In Japan, the scent of Jinchoge (沈丁花, Winter daphne) flower announces the arrival of spring, and it boosts everybody’s energy.

At the yard of my parents’ house, we had a Jinchoge tree. My father loved the tree very much, and every time I see Jichoge tree blooming, I cannot help thinking of him and feeling as if he’s still there beside me.

Originally, Jinchoge was introduced from China in the Muromachi (室町) period and is listed as Japanese three top scented blossoms, along with Kinmokusei (金木犀, Fragrant olive) and Kuchinashi (くちなし, gardenia). The scent of Jinchoge is the strongest among the two other.

Anyways, I love pretty Jinchoge flowers. Please enjoy the spring in Kyoto in YUMEYAKATA Kimono and enjoy the scent.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

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