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KIMONO and Accessories

In the old days, a time when Kimono (着物) were the only choice for clothing, there was no custom to wear accessories, such as rings nor earrings, let alone pierced earrings. Still today, it’s a unspoken rule among elderly people.

At that time, the only item allowed was hair ornaments such as combs or hair sticks called Kanzashi (かんざし). For formal occasions, even wearing Obidome (帯留め, Obi belt ornament) was regarded as impolite, unless it was made of certain kinds of precious stones, such as pearls or jades.

Thus, it’s safer for us to learn that accessories are only for limited occasions. For example, if you are wearing casual Kimono for casual occasion, any accessories are OK, just as you like.

This can be an old tradition by now, but new Maiko (舞妓) and Geiko (芸妓) were banned from wearing wrist watches even for casual occasions, because it meant that she has a steady boyfriend.


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